Digital Clinic for Ukraine – First Contact with the Doctor
Easy access to online health services - anytime and from any device
Digital Clinic for Ukraine

We are deeply concerned about the intensification of war in Ukraine. Access to health services is worsening and many patients are left without proper care or essential health services.

What can we do?

We have to stand with the people of Ukraine and make health and humanitarian assistance available to all who are impacted by the unfolding humanitarian catastrophe. Health Professionals and other people of goodwill are welcome to join and contribute to this cause for helping the Ukrainian Nation to overcome difficulties during these hard times. It is our objective to build health capacities and offer online health services to large number of refugees anytime and anywhere in the world. Free and online health services will be offered in Ukrainian and English language. As greater numbers of people are fleeing the conflict, about seven million are thought to have already been displaced within the country, with more than three million that have fled the Ukraine entirely. To meet the urgent health needs of Ukrainians facing long queues at borders and difficulties while finding safe shelter and food. We are offering free and easy access to online health services anytime and from any device.

Who we are?

Digital Clinic for Ukraine is a health initiative of the Klinika Digjitale – Digital Clinic from Kosovo. We are coordinating our activity with the Ternopil National Medical University in Ukraine and Health Center of Excellence LLC USA.

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