, the global leader in telemedicine. Our software is powering telemedicine for millions of providers worldwide and we are far from being done. In 2013 our founders Brandon Welch and Dylan Turner set out to provide a simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution so everyone could benefit from telemedicine. Our impact has been incredible. Today we are the world’s leading telemedicine software with over one million providers from 180+ countries around the world. Every year we facilitate hundreds of millions of sessions accounting for several billion minutes of care. “Cost and complexity should never be a barrier to telemedicine” -Brandon M. Welch, MS, PhD, Founder & CEO. In this position, we can help shape the future of healthcare. Fortunately, we are a privately-owned company without outside investors or shareholders, which allows us to focus relentlessly on making a larger long-term impact, not distracted by short-term shareholder demands. Whether you are a provider, organization, or potential employee inspired by the future of healthcare, we would love to have you part of the family.